What Is That Made Of?

What Is That Made Of?

The items we sell are made of Sterling Silver, some with added accents (shell, stones, or resin) to enhance the beauty of the piece.  Sterling Silver is defined by Wikipedia as "an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5" by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925."

Pure silver is a soft ally and will easily bend and tarnish. By adding an ally to the silver, it strengthens the silver and helps to prevent tarnishing. Most of our items are stamped 925 to hallmark the silver. Items not marked usually are too small to support the mark.

Each product page has a description of the materials used in the creation of the item along with care instructions and measurements of the item to help you make an informed buying decision.  We are also available at support@ttTrinkets.com to answer any questions you may have.

Our jewelry is made in Thailand by Thai artisans from Thai silver.  Thailand is well known for its high quality silver and has a long history of impressive jewelry makers.

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